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Egg rolls/spring rolls

Spring rolls are rolled appetizer with wide variety of fillings. It is Southeast Asian cuisine, the name is a translation of the Chinese ‘chun juan’ (spring rolls). It can be on the go meal/appetizer/kids favorite and a nutrition package loaded with fresh green veggies wrapped in roll sheets. The roll sheets, wrapping, cooking technique, fillings vary depending on region and they have different names. Filling varies from vegan to eggs, shrimp, minced lamb, chicken, pork.
     Make your one choice of veggies or non-vegetarian for fillings wrap it in sheets and deep fry them. Making at home gives us the pleasure and satisfaction of being done right in front of us so I am presenting the recipe to make sheets at home, Newbies need not worry you get ready made spring roll sheets in stores. Folding and rolling calls for expertise, if there is any hole/gap you make a way for oil seepage which ends up making your rolls oily. I used scrambled eggs for the filling. Dish is crispy, soft and tender..



For filling
2 tbsp oil
3 eggs
2 tsp minced ginger
¼ cup green peas (about 50gm)
1 large onion, finely chopped
2 tsp ground paprika
Salt to taste

For dough/spring roll sheets
250 g all-purpose flour
½ tsp salt or to taste
4 tbsp oil/3 tbsp ghee
Water as required

Oil for frying


 Heat oil in a pan, add onions, ginger and sauté for a minute. Add green peas and saute, add break eggs into it and saute for 2 minutes or until egg is cooked. Don not overcook, crunchy the better. Let it cool down to room temperature.

For preparing roll sheets
Step 1: In a large mixing bowl add flour. Heat oil and pour it on flour, add salt and prepare a soft firm dough using water as required. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Keep it covered.

Step 2: Pinch out the dough to make small balls. Mixture is sufficient enough to make 6 balls depending on your roll size. Now with the help rolling pin, flatten them to circles as shown in picture below.

Step 3: Smear about 1 tsp oil on it then dust with flour and keep aside. Repeat the same with rest of the balls. Pile up one above the other with oil coated side facing upwards upto 3 sheets. Refer pictorial depiction.

Step 4: Now flatten them together to thin discs as shown below.

Step 5: Heat a skillet place the sheets on it flip over and separate each one and keep aside (this shouldn't take more than 30 seconds). This is not to cook, it is to separate the sheets and it will make them crispier when fried in oil later.

Step 6: Now cut them into square shape discarding the edges and your sheets are ready.

For rolls

Step 1: Brush the edges with flour mix this is done to avoid popping out of filling. Place 1 tbsp of filling on one edge of the sheet as shown.

Step 2: Start rolling carefully starting from one edge till midway and stop.

Step 3: Fold left side then right and press gently.

Step 4: Now close it up from other end and roll it to complete.


Step 5: Heat oil in a wok, deep fry them in batches turning them to brown from both sides and until they are crisp.

As I always say adjust spices according to your taste
For wrapping and rolling techniques you can also check at

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