Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Carrot juice & leafy vegetables

Who doesn’t want to live healthy and look beautiful! Yes, healthy eating is bliss. Carrot Juice which is a rich content of carotenoid not only provides the vitamins (Vitamin A, C, and E) and nutrients but also work wonders when applied on skin regularly.
          Most of us are aware carrot juice improves eyesight, but how? Carrots contain both beta-carotene and lutein, both the compound which can be found concentrated in our retinas protects vision. I still remember the days when my bio ma’am told all girls in the classroom to play with carrot pulp/juice on skin rather than the chemical cosmetics in the market. For all these benefits what does it actually take, just 5 minutes of time to blend carrots and strain it. Well, I had this healthy drink with bowl of green leafy vegetable fry for breakfast. It can be made with or without gravy, without saying anything much about it, here is the bowl of gluten free, vegetarian, vegan fry.


For Carrot juice
4 medium size carrots

For vegetable fry

2 tsp oil
1 green chili, slit
1 bunch of fenugreek leaves
2 bunches amaranth leaves
1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 tbsp grated coconut (optional)


 For Carrot juice:
Step 1: Peel, wash and chop the carrots. Blend them to fine paste using water as required.

Step 2: Strain it in a hand held mesh strainer. Squeeze out as much juice as possible. I used water sufficient enough to make 2 glasses of juice. You may dilute it based on your taste.

Vegetable fry:
Heat oil in a pan, add onions, chili and fry till translucent. Add leafy vegetables and sauté for 2 to three minutes. Add salt and cover the lid, cook for 10 minutes in medium low heat. Turn off and add coconut, let it rest for 5 minutes before serving.

One tsp of sugar can be added when you are serving it to kids
For an extra flavor I’ve squeezed out orange juice into it. Mint leaves/lemon can also be used (optional)


  1. i love love dhantina soppin palya !! if only I could get them here ...

  2. Nangu favorite..palak, dhantu:) you don't get it there? Oh! Poor you. We get them here though not fresh as the ones in our local market.